We have a range of new manager training courses designed to equip team leaders and junior managers with the skills they need for success.

From Team Member to Team Manager – 1 day course

Participants – Up to 15

We are able to offer a tailored programme for specific business requirements covering all elements of management for  first time managers–please enquire further.

Aimed at those who have just taken over managing a team they were formerly a member of, or those who are about to step up to a management role.

The course encourages new managers to consider the behaviours of team members, understand the importance of being fair and pragmatic, rate their current skills and decide on the best managerial style to use to maximise each individual’s performance and contribution to the team.

First Time Leadership – 1 day course

Participants – Up to 15

Aimed at team leaders and junior managers, this course will develop effective leadership in the workplace. Participants will learn what leadership is and different leadership styles, describe good leadership and the impact it can have on motivation and performance and reflect on their own role as leaders.

Presentation Skills – 1 day course

Participants – Up to 8

For staff at all levels who need to develop their presentation skills.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to identify what makes a presentation effective, how to plan and structure a presentation, the importance of practice and preparation to ensure effective delivery of a presentation and considerations around venue and visual aids.

Recruitment for Managers – 2 day course

Participants – Up to 15

The course is aimed at anyone who has a part to play in recruiting staff for their organisation.

It will explain the importance of effective recruitment and training, understand the key stages of recruitment and selection, and carry out a fair, equitable and legal recruitment and selection process.

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