At PJW, we specialise in workplace mediation and deal with both civil and commercial disputes. The non-binding process involves intervention in a negotiation or conflict by an independent third party. This third party has no authoritative decision making power, but can assist the parties involved reach a settlement on the issues in dispute.

More and more people are regaining control over the decision in their disputes, and mediation allows this. Mediation is both confidential and voluntary, the mediator acts impartially, and the decision-making authority rests with the parties.

Workplace Mediation

Management of relationships in the workplace is crucial for any business to be able to function. Workplace mediation is a flexible process that can be entered into at any point. It is always best if matters of conflict can be dealt with swiftly before they escalate into a formal grievance process. If the internal process has been started then mediation is an alternative route. It allows the parties involved to explore and fully understand what is at the heart of the dispute. The process is strictly confidential and offers a platform for all involved to find a solution they can work with.

We will hold private sessions first and then a joint meeting to find a way of working together. As well as our face to face meetings, we also offer online mediation to deal with things quickly, or to deal with international disputes.

Leaving issues unresolved can lead to stress, reduced productivity rates, and a broader negative effect on a business. Thanks to our network of mediators across the UK we are able to respond to issues quickly and effectively. We can also offer an online dispute resolution which enables a fast response for the parties involved. This form of mediation is ideal for international offices. It can also be a solution for those who do not wish to travel or who feel apprehensive regards attending a face to face meeting.

Benefits of Mediation

  • A confidential and informal process
  • A situation where the relevant parties retain ownership of the process
  • An opportunity to work through issues in a safe respectful space facilitated by an impartial expert
  • Quick and cost-effective service
  • Increased staff morale and productivity
  • Saving on management and HR time
  • Improved staff retention
  • More engaged workforces
  • A happier working environment
  • Improved employer reputation

Support for Managers

We can also support managers who have not been properly equipped to manage people. The ability to ask questions and listen is crucial to get people to see their view of the world.

Our team has many years’ experience in HR consultancy and workplace mediation. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are able respond quickly and start to establish trust and build a rapport from the outset.