Whether you are launching a new venture or manage an already established SME, we have the expertise to support you through the many business challenges that lie ahead.hr support

Running an SME can be hugely rewarding. As the business is relatively small, you can effect change quickly and easily and see your efforts rewarded. You’re not restricted by having to work within layers of management. You can shape the business around your own ethos and values. However, the downside to an SME is you very often don’t have the support that a larger organisation can provide. Most SME’s will either have in-house or specialist support to manage finance, IT and operations. Very few will consider HR support until an issue arises that is proving difficult to deal with.

HR support for SMEs will help you manage and get the best out of your biggest asset, your people.

How Can We Support You SME

– If you’re looking to recruit new team members, we can help you develop an effective recruitment and selection process.
We can help you create a great performance management structure.

– Help you understand what makes a high performing team. Develop your understanding of the benefits of SMART goals and help you learn about constructive feedback and solutions for dealing with poor performance.

– Using our skills in building teams and managing performance, we can help you to develop effective leadership in the workplace. This is turn will help you maximise each individual’s contribution to the team.

– If change is needed, we have change management training which will see you through.

– We can work with you to make sure that your growing organisation is headed in the right direction with strategy setting support.

– Help you create formal policies and procedures to manage a wide range of common business issues. We can also support you in implementing these procedures as required.

– Development of employment contracts and job descriptions, so people understand their position within the business and what is expected of them.

– We have many years of experience in providing coaching and mentoring to staff members, new managers and senior managers.

HR Support When You Need It

Whatever HR support you need (or even if you don’t know what you need), get in touch and talk it through with our friendly team – we’d love to help you grow.