Pictured are the delegate group at the Institute of Thessaloniki – with Zoe Ginnapolou.

This was the first workshop in conflict management in the Workplace Training Institute Ombudsmen Thessaloniki. The workshop was run in collaboration with ADR-ODR International and the European Institute of Conflict Resolution.

“This has been an intensive programme of specialisation with Pamela Whitehead, a human resources specialist and executive coach. Featuring simultaneous interpretation, many interesting modules and simulations of management conflicts that may arise in the workplace.”

Pam has worked out in Greece for four years, mainly training lawyers in civil and commercial mediation. Working with ADR ODR International, PJW was back in Thessaloniki, working with a great group of people to stimulate discussions on current climate culture and the need for change. They also looked at how having the right culture and dealing with conflict in the right way and at the right time is critical to a successful business.

Back Again!

We will be back in Thessaloniki in May straight after London with Bill Eddy! On the back of the workshop with ADR ODR International in London, Bill will travel to Thessaloniki to deliver his masterclass. If you haven’t booked onto our event yet in London on 9th May, please send your forms through – we are fast running out of places!!

Pam said: “As Principal of the Workplace Hub for ADR-ODR International, I was delighted to be back in Thessaloniki. I am truly looking forward to delivering our Managing Conflict in the Workplace training in Greece and look forward to seeing many familiar faces and friends!”

Our programmes run throughout the year in the UK if you need any help or support please feel free to contact us today.