From 5-7t March 2018, Director of PJW, Pamela Whitehead flew across the pond to Chicago to attend the INADR (InterNational Academy of Dispute Resolution) World Congress held at Loyola University. There was also the International Law School Mediation Tournament after the congress, which took place from 6 – 10 March.

Experts in mediation and conflict resolution attended from around the world in order to speak about current issues and practices around mediation in a commercial and civil environment. PJW HR Consultancy were lucky enough to be invited alongside ADR-ODR.

Our Director, Pamela, was able to present in a section of the event titled ‘Mediation from Around the World’. She delivered the session alongside Rahim Shamji (Moderator at ADR-ODR), Zoe Giannopoulou (Trainer of mediators for the Greek Ministry of Justice) and Aneesha Bhunjun (Managing Partner of ADN Group; ADR-ODR International- Mauritius).

Pamela specifically spoke about ‘The Competing Worlds of Work and the Impact of Human Relationships.’ This discussion primarily involved how relationships with people relate with vocational working, but topics at the event ranged from mediation in the Arab world to how to build your mediation practices. All members involved  found great fulfilment in participating in the event, including as way to give back to mediation community.

Pamela Whitehead commented: “The event was a fantastic opportunity to find out about other professionals’ view of mediation and their experiences. It was great to meet so many people passionate about conflict resolution from various backgrounds.”

INADR is a charitable organisation that was founded in 2002 to  bring greater awareness of mediation as a means of establishing peaceful resolution. The Academy primarily offers mediation training to organisations and law schools.

This event comes on the back of  Pamela’s trip to the ICC Mediation Competition which you can read more about here. And  if you’d like to find out more about PJW HR Consultancy’s mediation resolution in the workplace or in other aspects, please get in touch.