Dave is a natural coach with a genuine passion and talent for unlocking huge potential in individuals and teams alike.

Dave Leverton

Dave is hugely experienced and qualified in a range of coaching techniques and methodologies affording him the skills and agility to be able to ensure the most effective approach for every client. He has a wealth of experience in developing and leading high-performance teams across multiple sectors and channels.

As a successful COO, he understands the complex challenges of delivering high-growth strategies in the same way he does about leading organisations and people through periods of adversity, change and restructuring.

Dave’s key talents lie in his ability to work with senior and middle managers in overcoming limiting beliefs and attitudes, developing self-confidence and personal accountability, thus enabling them to achieve personal and professional goals they previously believed to be out of reach.

A Royal Navy veteran, Dave has successfully adapted the senior service skills of team building, problem solving and self-determination into his coaching leading to exceptional results and long-term benefits.