We all want a healthy and happy workplace. But as a boss or manager, how do you make the workplace a healthy and happy environment for your employees to be in? Here are our 6 top tips:

Inspiring creativityHappy Workplace

Time constraints and strict rules and regulations can easily impede the creative process among employees.

Giving more autonomy to your employees and allowing them to manage their own workflow usually beams only positive outcomes for creativity.

By giving employees the opportunity to suggest ideas that will have a positive impact on the company can help workers feel more engaged and inspired.

Invest in new processes

Still have an old clock-in system that fails from time-to-time?

Are your computers looking a decade old?

Perhaps it’s time to invest in some new technology and moving along with the times. With the rapid pace of innovation, computers have become more functional in the space of a few years.

Maximising your employees’ potential through embracing technology is always a key to a great working environment.

Healthy Employees = Healthy Workplace

Healthy people are more likely to be happy people. Is there something you can do to help improve the mental or physical health of your employees?

Have you considered free gym membership? Cycle to work scheme? Encourage flexible working make sure holidays are taken. All of these have a positive benefit on employee health, making them happier.

Improve Relationships

Do you know what your employee’s favourite football team is? How are their children and family? Taking an interest and investing some time in getting to know them is a great way of understanding their strengths and weaknesses.

It is also vital that your employees get on with each other as, without teamwork, it’ll be neither a productive nor healthy working environment so consider team building if necessary.

Removing Blockers

It’s important to remove those negative influences from the work environment as they can seriously impact productivity.

Do you have a manager who is disruptive and isn’t enabling the team? Do you have employees who hinder the productivity of others in your team?

Plan team time in to support and build healthy working relationships and deal with the under-performers in a timely manner.

Recognise True Achievement

Do you have employees who are always exceeding expectations? In what ways are you rewarding them for their constant dedication?

Is it time to review your total reward proposition? Getting a recognition scheme in place which has the flexibility to enable managers and leaders to recognise and reward in the moment is a great way to reinforce desired behaviours.

It doesn’t need to cost a great deal either, employee surveys consistently show that recognition is more about feeling valued than about monetary reward.

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